The unroasted coffee beans almost do not have smell and taste and not suited for coffee making process. Namely the coffee roast is that important stage thanks to which the flavor and aroma of real coffee are achieved.

We create the most top-quality blend using 6 parts of Arabica beans and 1 part of Robusta. Prior tp roast the beans are exposed to pre-mixing. This ensures a uniformity of roast and reduces the chance of beans disturbance which may cause a loss of aroma.

To create the best coffee in a truly Italian style, we give special attention to quality control at every stage of production - from beans to the cup.

The instantaneous packing keeps aroma. We produce the packing of coffee beans immediately after roasting. During about three days after roasting the coffee beans evolve the carbon dioxide.

The important aspect of our packing is a non-return valve allowing gas to volatilize, preventing air ingress inside. That is why the Costa Coffee coffee always remains freshly roasted.
In 1971, brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa have established a famous factory for coffee roasting in Lambete, suburb of London. They have supplied to local coffee houses the inimitable coffee developed under special Italian method of slow and uniform coffee roasting. The coffee had a tremendous sway with coffee houses guests, and in 1978 in London, on Woxhall Bridge Road, brothers have opened their first Costa Coffee espresso-bar.

Today, Costa Coffee network counts 1090 coffee houses in Great Britain, 3 125 coffee houses all over the world and presented in 31 countries.

Costa Coffee closely follows the original technology of slow coffee beans roast.

We offer our guests the unique blend Mocca Italia, created as early as by Costa brothers and used up to now in all coffee houses.

We know that the roast continuing within 18 to 22 minutes providest he best result. The faster the roast is, the higher is the temperature. The real coffee has a natural sweetish taste, therefore we do not sacrifice taste for speed.

The slow roast is a unique technology of Costa Coffee. This process reduces the inherent coffee strength, neutralizes the bitter acids and guarantees the best taste and aroma.

Today the Costa Coffee network counts 1090 coffee houses in Great Britain, 3 125 coffee houses all over the world and presented in 31 countries.

Someone may call our drive to perfect taste as obsession. But do we attach significance to this? No, since we are not able to afford the lesser.

Our Italian experts in coffee roast devote own lives to selection of the best coffee beans and its roast to perfect condition.
In 2006, Costa company has established a charity fund for making own contribution to life of farmers involved in coffee growing by giving opportunity to their children to get education. We recognize that these farmers are the important component of our success.

The fund activity in the questions of education is a direct response to appeals of such farmers who believe that education of their children is the best long-run decision for poverty reduction.

Costa is the only coffee chain in the UK that only uses sustainably grown beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. So whenever you drink Costa coffee, you're supporting farmers and farm workers worldwide who are working to improve their livelihoods and those of their families, while protecting the planet at the same time.

The Rainforest Alliance encourages farmers to grow crops and manage ranchlands in a way that looks after the land for the long-term. It also offers social, economic and environmental benefit to farmers, such as access to schools and healthcare.