One of the the most important stages on the way of barista perfectibility is participation in annual competition Barista of the Year, arranged by Costa.

The competition affords an opportunity to participants to become known an demonstrate the level of proficiency in technique of drinks preparation, communication skills, show the selfless love to the work to which they have devoted themselves.

During the competition the barista compete in preparation of perfect cup of coffee and own knowledge and understanding of branch. They are also judged by general impression from appearance, tasting ability and penchant for excellent coffee.

The qualifying stages are held at the beginning, during which the competition participants shall within 8 minutes prepare four drinks and conduct a self-presentation, for which two minutes are provided. Then the Kazakhstani final of competitions will be held, during which the winners from Almaty and Astana will take part.

The challenge to create own inimitable autographic drink, which is judged from viewpoint of gustatory qualities, giving and novelty is issued before participants in the last round of competition.


After local competitions, among participants from the Middle East and Africa countries, winner of the Kazakhstani stage of competition will go to the United Arab Emirates to take part in the regional final, during which the skills of participants in preparation of coffee will be judged by international team of expert judges.

The major competition final will take place in London – motherland of Costa Coffee.